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The Townie Awards Gala is an annual dinner and awards ceremony where communities from across the commonwealth are recognized for noteworthy revitalization projects or events completed over the previous two years.  

What are the benefits of receiving a Townie Award for your community?

  • Builds credibility, community pride, and recognition for volunteers’ time and efforts;
  • Statewide press release to media and government agencies from PA Downtown Center;
  • Letter of recognition to the Governor from PA Downtown Center;
  • Letter of recognition from PA Downtown Center to the local legislators in the award-winning communities;
  • Featured on PA Downtown Center’s website throughout the following year;
  • Highlighted in PA Downtown Center’s weekly e-update, the Messenger, quarterly newsletter, the CenterPiece, and on social media.

Download the complete Townie Awards guide.


1.  Two-year window: Projects, programs, and activities nominated for awards must have been completed between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019. 

2. The applicant or nominee must be a member in good standing of Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) at the time of nomination.

3. Applications must clearly identify the applicant and the nominee.

4. The applicant is responsible for fulfilling all application submission requirements.

5. The Awards Committee will review submissions based solely on the application and supporting materials submitted. The Awards Committee may not arbitrarily move an application from one awards category to another; however, they may notify the applicant that a nomination does not meet the criteria established in the category for which it was submitted. Based upon such notification, the applicant may submit a revised application form. All other support material need not be re-submitted.

6. Depending on the nature of the application, a revised application may be necessary. Applicants asked to submit a revised application will be given sufficient time to do so. Any submission not received within that time frame may be ineligible for further consideration.

7. Submission of one or more nominations in a category does not mean that an award will be granted in that category. Determination of whether one, or various nominations in any category, are worthy of consideration and award shall be made exclusively by the Awards Committee. The recommendations of the Awards Committee shall be delivered to PDC Executive Committee for approval subject to a review of procedures used by the Awards Committee. 

8. For award categories that contain sub-categories, the Awards Committee may, at its discretion, award Townies in one or more of the sub-categories. 


1.  Narrative summarizing the project, program, or activity and how it meets the criteria for the award category selected.

2. Support materials relevant to award category selected.

3. High quality photographs (minimum resolution, 300dpi)

4. Letters of Support

5. Audio/Visual materials (optional)

1.  Degree to which nominee has demonstrated an outstanding and/or unique contribution to their community as evidenced by the narrative and supporting materials. (20 points)

2.  Degree to which nominee can evidence quantifiable measurements (such as increases in program revenue) in addition to qualitative examples (such as testimonials) to support the nominated project or event. (20 points)

3.  Degree to which nominee can evidence the impact that the nominated project or event can serve as a catalyst for further enhancements or successes in the community. (10 points)

4. Applicants demonstrating use of the PDC reporting system to support their application will be given additional points.    (10 points)


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.