Ends on February 9, 2018
The Townie Awards Gala is an annual dinner and awards ceremony wherein communities from across the commonwealth are recognized for noteworthy revitalization projects or events completed over the previous year. 

1.  The application period for submitting a Townie Award nomination form shall be for projects, programs and activities completed between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

2.  Either the applicant or the nominee must be a member in good standing of Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) at the time of nomination and on the date of award is eligible to win a Townie Award.

3.  Applications must clearly identify the nominating person or entity (the applicant), as well as clearly identify the individual or entity being nominated (the nominee). 

4.  The applicant or entity is responsible for fulfilling all application submission requirements. Once the application is received by PDC, PDC will determine if the nominee is a member in good standing. 

5.  The Awards Committee will review submissions based solely on the nominations and the application materials submitted relative to the category for which the entity was nominated. The Awards Committee may not arbitrarily move a nominated entity from one category to another. The Awards Committee may notify the nominating entity that a nominated project does not meet the criteria established for the particular category for which the application was submitted. Based upon such notification, the nominating entity may submit a revised application form. All other support material need not be re-submitted.

6.  Depending on the nature of the application, a resubmission may be necessary. Nominating entities notified of the potential to resubmit an application shall be allowed a mutually agreeable time to do so. Any re-submission that is not received in accordance with the above time frame may be deemed ineligible for further consideration.

7.  Submission of one or more nominations in a category does not automatically mean that an award will be granted in that category. Determination of whether one, or various nominations in any category, are worthy of consideration and award shall be made exclusively by the Awards Committee. The recommendations of the Awards Committee 
shall be delivered to the PDC Executive Committee for approval subject to a review of procedures used by the Awards Committee. 

8.  For award categories that contain sub-categories, the Awards Committee may, at its discretion, award Townies in one or more of the sub-categories, dependent upon determination of the quality of the submitted applications.

1.  Degree to which nominee has demonstrated an outstanding and/or unique contribution to their community as evidenced by the narrative and supporting materials. (20 points)

2.  Degree to which nominee can evidence quantifiable measurements (such as increases in program revenue) in addition to qualitative examples (such as testimonials) to support the nominated project or event. (20 points)

3.  Degree to which nominee can evidence the impact that the nominated project or event can serve as a catalyst for further enhancements or successes in the community. (10 points)

4. Applicants demonstrating use of the PDC reporting system to support their application will be given additional points. (10 points)